Everyone needs a good writing program. It’s one of the first things we install on your computer, or it’s not the case with mobile devices, because writing apps are the most used.

But what to choose? In this list you will find an overview of the most popular programs, applications and word processing programs.

Download programs

Microsoft Word

It is the most widely used writing program in the world. In recent years, quite a lot of competitors have come to the market, but they still hold their leadership position.

It contains just about everything you can think of, and with every new version, new improvements for connoisseurs come.

Most of the time, Microsoft Words have it as a compulsory drive in companies, but companies can license it. But what if such a purchase was expensive for you? There are several very good free alternatives.

Price: from 69 euros per year, or from 149 euros one-time

Libre Office Writer

 If you don’t have the modern look of Microsoft Word and have been accustomed to its version before 2007, Libre Office is almost identical to older Word. You may be more difficult to navigate in the beginning, but for most people, this is the first choice for finding an alternative for Word. Not only is it fully available for free, but also because it is compatible with doc and .docx formats but also with other text formats. So whether you or your colleagues, acquaintances or friends are using different text-writing programs, you won’t have a problem with compatibility.

Libre Office has an active community of people who are constantly developing software and can download add-ons and templates to add new functionality. Nowadays, this office suite can only be blamed for not having a cloud storage, but you can easily compensate for it by saving files to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Price: free

Appache Open Office

Open Office was the first major alternative for Microsoft Office. Later on, Libre Office was created, with which similar coding was shared. When it comes to the differences between Open Office and Libre Office, you won’t find a lot of them and we can say that they are almost identical programs. But Open Office has incomparably more free download templates, so if you don’t want to play with the look and feel of the background, Open Office offers more options.

Price: free

WPS Office – Writer

If you are too accustomed to Microsoft Word, but the fee is too expensive for you, there is a great alternative. The Writer program has almost the same look, so the transition will be very simple. It supports many formats and .doc or .docx is missing.

You can open multiple documents at once by bookmarking so you don’t have to click through different windows. In addition, it has a large number of templates for a variety of purposes and a 1GB cloud storage for your documents already in the free version.

Unlike Open Office and Libre Office, Writer is not an open source writing program. It is supported by startup ads. However, you only need to turn it off and start typing. The premium version of the ad does not contain and has several additional features. But you usually don’t need them. Therefore, the free version is enough for you, as well as the paid Microsoft Word.

Price: free, premium version $ 44.99 / year or a one time $ 79.99

Online writing apps

Google documents

Google is not only known for having the most widely used search engine in the world. In addition to the well-known Gmail, you have many other apps within your Google Account. Among them, Google documents are among the first writing applications.

With its approximately 25 million active monthly users, it is clearly one of the most widely used applications of this kind. Although it does not have as many editing options as regular writing programs, this writing application dominates mainly in the document sharing category.

It allows you to easily share with anyone with a Google Account, or your email linked to Google, simple and quick to comment on any document or make edits. Also useful is the history of the edits you don’t normally have in programs. With them, you would have to do multiple documents and label each one according to what version it is. On the other hand, just open the history right in one Google document and you can easily see all the changes.

Price: free

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is part of Zoho Docs (something like Microsoft Office) and also part of Zoho’s entire environment with which you can do all your work under one roof. The Zoho package is designed primarily for businesses, but Writer can be used separately and is also suitable for normal use.

Especially with its nice design and advanced options for sharing and accessing documents. You can control who can change document access, assign access expiration date, share documents publicly, but only access the password, or lock some sections of the document. If you’re working with sensitive data you want to protect, this collaboration app should be one of the first to try while collaborating with other people.

Price: free, also available with paid storage with more storage and several additional features.

Microsoft Word Online

Word knows everyone but its free online version, no less people. It’s a decent replacement for the more expensive Word. It does not have all its features and text editing capabilities, but if you only need basic text editing, sharing documents, this writing app will be rich enough for you.

Price: free