Zipping From a Company Car to Other Means of Transportation

23 Oct
Party in Pink Zumba Fundraiser Event

What better way to start your weekend than dancing for a good cause? This Friday, VIM is hosting a PARTY IN PINK Zumba fundraiser event in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Come enjoy an evening of Zumba with VIM instructor Maeve and Edwin to help raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

01 Oct
Sharp Foods Energy Bars and Granola at VIM

Many of you may have noticed the new Sharp Foods energy bars and granola offered at both our Central Square and University Park locations. These products offer a healthy energy boost and are made locally by one of our great members, Chris Murphy. During his time working in the corporate world, Chris discovered that sustainable

12 Feb
Winter Farmers’ Markets

  Think farmers’ markets are just for summertime? Think again! Here at VIM, we love buying fresh, locally sourced ingredients that make for healthy, low-cost meals. Lucky for us, farmers’ markets have been popping up all across the city this season and are braving the frigid winter weather to bring us a much-needed taste of

17 Dec
Member Highlight (Billy Starks)

Billie has run half marathons in the past, and will be spending a lot of time at VIM Fitness working on strength training, injury prevention, and cross training. New England weather can be tough at times, so you may see her putting in some miles on a treadmill there as well. If you are interested

28 Sep
Healthy Boston Bloggers

Looking for a simple yet healthy dish to whip up after your VIM workout that won’t totally undo all your hard work or counteract all those calories you just burned?  Here’s 10 awesome bloggers from the Boston/Cambridge area with tons of healthy recipe ideas and fitness inspiration to keep you on track. Remember to check