VIM noun: lively or energetic spirit; enthusiasm; vitality.

VIM is more than a gym and spa—it’s a lifestyle. Your VIM lifestyle extends beyond your time working out or relaxing at the spa. VIM encompasses your attitude and values, the businesses and causes you support, where you live, work, and spend your free time.

As a Cambridge-based company, our business practices aim to reflect the values of the community we serve. Cambridge leads innovation. The people and organizations here are dedicated to the progress of sustainability through science and technology. The community supports local business and food through organized events like the farmers’ market in our own backyard. At VIM, we recognize that many of our members and neighbors drive these amazing developments. We take pride in the shared values of Cambridge and aim to contribute to them.

Our Lifestyle blog is your community resource.  Let VIM keep you up-to-date about the great news, events, and people in your community.


How We Uphold Community Values

Our Central Square location is partially run on renewable energy from local wind, solar, and water. We source enviornmentally friendly and locally based products and services.


Our Relationship With The Community

Your VIM Rewards enhance your VIM lifestyle. Redeem your points for gift cards at VIM or other local businesses that share our values.

We seek to partner with start-ups and small businesses to provide our services at a discount to their employees and to create reciprocal programs where we buy their goods and services that support a VIM lifestyle.

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Wellness Lifestyle

Whether you’re looking to begin a lifestyle change or just continue a commitment to self-betterment, we’re here to help. Exercise is just one component of wellness. That’s why we’ve partnered with R.D.s and Life Coaches to offer workshops that address factors like psychology, diet, stress reduction and hygiene. We’ll provide the resources; you’ll gain the strength.