Hatha Yoga with Amy—Wednesdays and Sundays in the Mind-Body Studio

If you’re looking to begin practicing yoga or to advance while gaining knowledge of yoga’s wide array of physical and mental benefits, Amy’s Hatha Yoga classes at VIM are for you.

Amy has been practicing Hatha Yoga for six years and teaching for four. She began by attending yoga classes with her mom. During one college break, she returned home to San Diego to begin training to teach Hatha Yoga.

The most commonly practiced form of yoga in the United States, Hatha focuses on the science behind fixing the body with breath and movement. Hatha Yoga incorporates movements that help align the entire skeletal system. As Amy puts it, once your skeleton is aligned, your muscles will follow.

In Amy’s classes, you will learn how to move joints and work muscles to release stress from the nervous system without putting stress on the joints or muscles themselves. During class, Amy emphasizes the many physical benefits of practicing Hatha with insightful anecdotes and knowledge.

The Benefits

Regulate internal strength & reflexes as well as the digestive and hormonal systems
Strengthen the immune system
Slow aging and promote the regeneration of cells with the controlled intake of oxygen
Fix alignment and define muscles (even ones you didn’t realize you had!)

Comfort and Accessibility for All

Amy asks that students do not face the mirror during class. She explains that facing away allows students to focus on their bodies from a 360-degree perspective. The mirror only provides a two-dimensional view, and a more complete awareness is necessary to focus on fixing bodily alignment and core strength all the way around the form.

While Amy promotes an understanding of yogic techniques, she avoids using the Sanskirt words that don’t add significance to the learning process. Amy believes that by understanding why movement and breathing techniques work physiologically, you will better understand how to properly perform them. This will allow you to practice, advance, and translate the benefits of yoga into your daily life.

Here in Cambridge, Amy is pursuing her Masters in Vocal Performance. She is currently taking a class on body mapping, which involves improving your mind’s perspective of your body to be better able to use your body to its fullest. As you will learn in Hatha Yoga at VIM Fitness, a fusion of the mind and body leads to a complete wellness experience.

Experience the benefits of Hatha Yoga at VIM Fitness and learn more from Amy on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM with Core Hatha Yoga and Sundays and at 11AM with Hatha Yoga followed by Humming-Bee Meditation. Have you taken these classes before? We want to hear your thoughts!


  1. Pierce Harman - reply

    I’ve been doing yoga of one kind or another for almost 20 years, and was delighted by Amy’s thoughtful approach. I highly recommend the class for beginners and long term practitioners alike, and think such offerings speak very well of Vim.

  2. Jan Marie - reply

    Super wish these Sunday classes were still running! Come back, Amy!

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