Find Your Energy & Passion—Get to Know Kristina & Vinyasa at VIM

Kristina Grinovich is a 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher who received her training at O2 Yoga Studios in the spring of 2010. Since then she has been teaching her vibrant, athletic style of yoga at studios around Boston. Catch her Vinyasa classes at VIM on Tuesday mornings at 7am at the Central Square location or at noon on Fridays at the University Park branch!

When did you start practicing yoga?
KG: I began practicing yoga, almost as a dare, about 5 years ago. I was living in New York at the time, working a job I didn’t enjoy, and just feeling really unsure of what I was doing and my purpose in life. I was pretty depressed, ungrounded, and generally not very fun to be around. Luckily for me, I have some pretty amazing friends who stuck by me and supported me. My good friend Lorna suggested I try taking a yoga class at Yoga To The People in NYC to help me with some of my anxieties. Initially, I turned the offer down, since I had been so anti-yoga, thinking it was just an exercise in stretching and sitting still. Fortunately, I ended up accepting Lorna’s yoga challenge, and joined her for a class, and I am so thankful I did! That first yoga class I took at Yoga To The People was the sweatiest, most intense, most invigorating class of my life! I realized that I had never felt so physically or emotionally challenged, and, after that, decided that I needed yoga in my life, not only to make myself feel challenged, but also supported.

Yoga to the People is a donation-based studio. I do believe that yoga should be accessible and available to everyone. I also whole-heartedly believe that if everyone had an hour a day to stand on their hands and stretch their muscles and sweat out toxins and cry and twist and breathe and moan, we would all be that much more open to communicating and showing some compassion to one another. It’s a wild thought, but I think donation-based yoga is one of the most revolutionary acts, and I can’t recommend Yoga to the People enough.

What was one of the most important lessons you learned from yoga?
KG: Yoga taught me, and is still teaching me, patience, not only with others, but with myself. It’s OK that I can’t get into a headstand yet. It’s OK to come into child’s pose when I am too tired. Yoga is also teaching me that not everything is a performance—that closing my eyes and breathing and owning the fact that I am moving on my own is a powerful thing, and something to be proud of.

What type of yoga do you practice?
KG: I enjoy a flow-style of yoga. I love the sweat that comes with a vigorous vinyasa.

What inspires you?
KG: Passionate, courageous people. My family. My awesome, brave girlfriend.

What can people expect in one of your classes?
KG: I was trained at O2 Yoga under the amazing kindness and guidance of Mimi Loureiro and learned an Ashtanga-based style of yoga. Because of that training, I incorporate many of the strength-building aspects and athleticism of Ashtanga, combined with some breathing exercises and a good dose of humor. Being able to laugh at yourself, at a pose, at a breath, at a unique moment, is an awesome trait, and I encourage my students to practice laughing, breathing, and letting go!

What do you hope people learn from your class?
KG: I hope people walk away with a bit more compassion for themselves and a new appreciation for all their strong limbs!

What are your interests outside of teaching yoga?
KG: When I’m not teaching or practicing yoga, I work at a non-profit called Artists for Humanity. We provide over 200 Boston teens with jobs in the arts annually! It’s an amazing and inspiring program and I encourage everyone to visit the AFH EpiCenter and meet our talented teen-artists!

I also am a big book-worm. I love reading and writing and getting tattoos about reading and writing.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?
KG: Energetic, passionate, verbose. ☺

Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?
KG: I studied Creative Writing at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and received my BFA in Writing for Performance, Publication, and Media. I moved to Somerville, MA in 2009, and have been fortunate to find a community of creative, passionate, amazing people. I have a cat named Little Dracula, and love to bike around this awesome city, especially in the fall.

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